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Fantasy Olympics Wrap Up!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

I know that the London 2012 Olympic Games have long since come and gone, but I would be remiss if I didn’t update everyone as to the final standings for our Fantasy Summer Olympics League benefitting members of the #3DayTweeps!

Ultimately, our league was made up of 29 paid teams, although thanks to the generosity of our family, friends, and fellow #3DayTweeps, we actually raised $370 total. That amount was divided into a $145 prize for our overall winner (equal to half of the $290 collected as entry fees) and $225 that was distributed amongst the walkers and crew members who helped recruit participants for our league fundraiser ($145 in entry fees plus an extra $80 in bonus donations). In the end, the five registered walkers who participated each received a donation of $30 and the three registered crew members each received a donation of $25 (because Nicole Anderson generously re-donated her portion back to the walkers). Those donations were all made on August 9th, just in time for the Chicago 3 Day in which many of the participating tweeps were walking and/or crewing.

So, in conclusion, the following #3DayTweeps received donations from this fundraiser:

Julie Brock
Val Daniels
Laura Davis
Bernadette Massey
Cheryl Pochapin

Lyle Deckowitz
Anne Marie DeSimone
Alison Glancz

As for our overall winner, I am thrilled to announce that a fellow #3DayTweep, Jennifer Carbary and her team, Save the Toucans, were ultimately victorious in our Fantasy Olympics League! That means that Jen is the recipient of the $145 grand prize. Because Jen had already reached her fundraising minimum for her 2012 3-Day walk in Michigan, she requested that I hold her prize money to donate to her 2013 fundraising efforts, which I have since done. Congratulations Jen and what a great use for the $145!

In case you were interested in how your team ultimately fared, the COMPLETE final standings for our Fantasy Olympics League were:

Gold Medal Save the Toucans Jennifer Carbary 1856
Silver Medal Lyle Lyle Deckowitz 1847
Bronze Medal Shannon Miller JT Shoemaker 1787
4 Alison Alison Glancz 1759
5 Bernadette Bernadette Dohmen 1725
6 Henry’s Picks Laura Davis 1685
7 Z Team Kizo 1678
8 Croatian Water Polo Helmets Kristen Cincotta 1649
9 I love the oylimpics Dustin Davis 1597
10 Irish Car Bombs Joel Jackson 1569
11 Team Batman! Anne Marie DeSimone 1568
12 Julie Walks…all over the medal count! Julie Brock 1551
13 Wes Wes Lyons 1531
14 Cheryl Cheryl Pochapin 1503
15 Fruitcakes Kate Jackson 1487
16 Pinkalicious Nicole Anderson 1485
17 wile e. wolverines Michael Cha 1459
18 Casondra Casondra Clement 1440
19 Bryan Bryan Miller 1417
20 Valcinda of Stokesdale Valerie Daniels 1396
21 Rikki Rikki Noel-Williams 1375
22 SHOEt for the Gold! Matt Shoemaker 1348
23 Mike Mike Cincotta 1344
24 Lisa Lisa Brewster 1343
25 Medals for Mimi Jen Rabbitt 1340
26 Cinvaldia of Stokesdale Cindy Adams 1332
27 Go Sis!! Nancy McKeown 1306
28 Mylia Mylia Liddell 1299
29 PKS Warriors Gretchen Peters 1261
30 Team Big Sis Kristin Moreland 1256


Our league website is still public and can be found here, in the event that you want to look over the results in more detail. In particular, you can find the “ideal” fantasy team of countries that would have accumulated the highest possible score here. Relatedly, my good friend JT Shoemaker (who finished third overall) did a tremendous amount of work calculating all of the point totals and updating the site on a daily basis. Please join me in thanking JT profusely for his efforts – I could not have run this fundraiser without him!

And with that, I think this Fantasy Olympics fundraiser is complete. I could not be more thrilled that every penny of the $370 that we raised is going to help 3-Day walkers and crew members reach their fundraising goals and, as a result, will be put directly into the fight against breast cancer.

Thank you for playing along! See you again for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games!

Fantasy Olympics Update – Results as of Day 10!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

No Spoilers!!! I promise!!

As the London Olympics roll on, so to does our Fantasy Olympics League!

Before I get to the current standings in our league, I just wanted to make a brief note. As a head’s up, I will be donating the money that we raised through this fundraiser to the assorted 3 Day walkers and crew members that helped to recruit participants on THURSDAY so that those taking part in the Chicago 3 Day this weekend will have those donations recorded before their event kicks off on Friday morning. That means that if you haven’t yet paid for your entry, you have until Wednesday night to get that taken care of. If you would prefer to mail me a check instead of paying via Paypal, send me an email and I’ll provide my address. I’ll also include the total amount of those donations when I update our league standings again on Friday.

Speaking of the standings… our current leader remains Lyle Deckowitz, who is building on his lead with some amazing performances by the Brits on the bikes! Lyle is only 18 points up on the next closest competitor, and with seven days of medals still to be awarded, the title of league winner could still go to any  number of different people!

1 Lyle Lyle Deckowitz 1069
2 Save the Toucans Jennifer Carbary 1052
3 Henry’s Picks Laura Davis 999
4 I love the oylimpics Dustin Davis 993
5 Wes Wes Lyons 975

Remember to keep checking out our Fantasy Olympics League website for daily updates to see how your team is doing. And while you’re at it, how about sending JT (@Schrimnir) a thank you tweet for his hard work keeping our site up to date?!

Thanks for playing along! Fingers crossed for some more long shot medals on the track tonight!

Fantasy Olympics Update – Results After Day 8!

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

No Olympics spoilers here! We HATE spoilers!

As I predicted in my last update, now that the action has moved from the pool to the track, we’ve had a bit of a shake up in the standings in our Fantasy Olympics League. On the surprise strength of Tier 4 teams Kazakhstan and New Zealand and Tier 5 team Mongolia, Lyle Deckowitz has taken over the lead, with a huge 826 points, 50 points more than the next highest team. In order, the top five teams at the end of Day 8 of Olympics competition are:

Rank Team Name Player Name Total Points
1 Lyle Lyle Deckowitz 826
2 Henry’s Picks Laura Davis 776
3 Save the Toucans Jennifer Carbary 759
4 I love the oylimpics Dustin Davis 746
5 Bernadette Bernadette Dohmen 735

As always, you can view the full standings for our league on the league website. JT has been updating the standings each morning around 10am to reflect the previous day’s results, so you can be confident checking the site that you won’t be spoiled for the current day’s events. In addition, you can view the full list of countries participating in the London Olympics organized by tier and the number of medals they’ve each earned here.

Thanks for playing along and good luck!


Fantasy Olympics Update – Results as of Day 6

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

No Olympics spoilers here, I promise!

Just a quick update today on our Fantasy Olympics league that I am running as a fundraiser on behalf of a number of my friends walking/crewing in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. As of the completion of the events on Thursday, North Korea and South Africa are still proving to be Tier 4 powerhouses and our previous leader, Nancy McKeown is still holding strong with 514 of 802 possible points. As for the rest of the top five, things currently look like this:

Rank Team Name Player Name Total Points
1 Go Sis!! Nancy McKeown 514
2 Henry’s Picks Laura Davis 510
3 Rikki Rikki Noel-Williams 509
4 Bryan Bryan Miller 499
5 Team Big Sis Kristin Moreland 492

As a reminder, you can view the full standings for all 29 teams on our Fantasy Olympics League website. We are updating the results on the website each morning (usually around 10am) to reflect the results of the previous day’s events (so no spoilers unless you scroll down to the actively updating medal count widget from While six full days are already in the books, there’s still an entire week of competitions left to go. And with a lot of the action shifting from the pool to the track and with all of the team tournament event medals left to be awarded, it’s still anyone’s game to win!

Thanks for playing along and GO KENYA/JAMAICA/ETHIOPIA! Let’s win this for Team Croatian Water Polo Caps on the roads and the track!!!

PS: If you’re an Olympics Super Fan like I am, you NEED to be reading fellow Olympics Super Fan Samuel Jackson’s twitter feed. It is EVERYTHING you want it to be.

Fantasy Olympics Update!!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Hello Fantasy Olympians (and anyone else who’s just curious about what we’re up to)!

As you may have noticed, the London 2012 Summer Olympics are now well underway, which means that our league is now live as well. After ten days of sign ups, I am thrilled to say that we have 28 paid entries and 2 as yet unpaid entries. That means that our winner will be taking home (or receiving a donation) of between $140 and $150 dollars (I’ll update that once I’ve heard back from the three people who still owe their donations). More importantly, thanks to a number of donations above the $10 per entry that we requested, we have raised AT LEAST $220 for Breast Cancer 3-Day walkers and crew. Again, I’ll update that number once I have the final amount.

Now, onto the fun stuff – who’s winning??? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the Olympics so far, then you have probably noticed that in the summer Olympics, they give out A LOT of medals in A LOT of sports. So, to help us keep track of the standings in our fantasy league, my friend JT has graciously agreed to help us out by setting up and maintaining our own league website, which can be found here:

#3DayTweeps Fantasy Summer Olympics League Homepage

From the main page, you can click on each person’s team name to see the 18 countries that make up each team. As we go along, JT is going to update the standings at the end of each day of competition, so be sure to check out how your team is doing regularly. We’re also going to be adding a couple of extra features to flush out the site, including a medals table and daily results from London. In the interest of keeping everyone informed, I’ll also be posting here on my blog with updated results for our current top five every few days or so over the next two weeks.

So, after two full days of swimming, shooting, diving, archery, and so much more, who’s jumped out to the early lead in our league? With no further hesitation, our current top five teams are:

Rank Team Name Player Name(s) Total Points
1 Go Sis!! Nancy McKeown 180
2 Rikki Rikki Noel-Williams 171
3 Mylia Mylia Liddell 154
4 Team Big Sis Kristin Moreland 145
5 Team Batman! Anne Marie DeSimone 138

Nancy McKeown has jumped out to the early lead, primarily on the strength of long shot Tier 4 medals from South Africa and North Korea. However, it’s still early and there’s a lot of medals left to award, meaning that it’s still anyone’s Fantasy Olympics to win. Keep checking the site each day to see how your team is doing and if you think we’ve made a mistake, let me know (

Thank you everyone so much for playing along and GO Team Croatian Water Polo Helmets!!

Fantasy Summer Olympics League – A #3DayTweeps fundraiser!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Update: Entries for this fundraiser are now closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up and good luck over the next two weeks!

On July 27th, the entire world will turn their eyes to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics! The Olympics will run for two weeks and will conclude on August 12th at the Closing Ceremonies. Back in 2010, I ran a Fantasy Olympics league as a fundraiser for my team for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. While I’m not walking myself this year, I had so much fun with my previous Fantasy Olympics fundraiser that I’m running a league again this year on behalf of my fellow #3DayTweeps!

If you are interested in entering our #3DayTweeps Fantasy Summer Olympics League fundraiser, here’s the basic run down of how this is going to work. Every person who enters our contest will be asked to select 18 countries to be their “Fantasy Team” for the entire Olympiad. However, you can’t just choose any 18 countries. We have ranked all of the countries that have qualified athletes based on both their previous performances and their predicted results in London and grouped them into six “tiers”, with the top tiers being known Summer Olympics powerhouses and the lower tiers being long shots to medal at all. When you select your team, you will be asked to choose a select number of countries from each tier to compose your team. Then, throughout the Olympics, we’ll keep track of how many medals each of your countries wins for your team. Points will be awarded based on what color medal is won and will be weighted based on the tier of the country that won it. The point scheme will be as follows:

Gold Medals = 5 points x Tier Level
Silver Medals = 3 points x Tier Level
Bronze Medals = 1 point x Tier Level

In the end, we’ll figure out whose Fantasy Olympics Team has accumulated the most points to determine an overall winner for our contest!

If you would like to enter a team in our Fantasy Olympics League, simply click on this link and follow the instructions:

Enter the #3DayTweeps Fantasy Olympics League!

The above Survey Monkey link will lead you through the selection of your Fantasy Olympics team. At the conclusion of the selection process, you will be redirected back here. Then, using the handy Paypal “Donate” button below, you can make a small donation to the #3DayTweeps for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.

The donated money will be split evenly among the following #3DayTweeps who are helping me with this fundraiser:

Julie Brock (@JulieWalks) – Walking Chicago, crewing Atlanta
Bernadette Massey (@kiss316) – Walking Dallas
Anne Marie DeSimone (@amdesimone) – Crewing Atlanta
Laura Davis (@LDavis1800) – Crewing Chicago
Lyle Deckowitz (@lyledeck) – Crewing Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, AND San Diego
Cheryl Pochapin (@6puma) – Crewing Chicago, walking Michigan
Nicole Anderson (@nhanderson) – Crewing Chicago AND San Diego
Alison Glancz (@glancz) – Crewing Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, AND Arizona
Val Daniels (@sbux27) – Walking Chicago, crewing Atlanta

For this fundraiser, we are asking for a minimum donation of $10 per entry to be considered eligible for our cash prize. Feel free to enter as many teams as you would like. The prize amount will be equal to half the amount of money collected for this contest. If either myself or any of the #3DayTweeps listed above happens to win, the full value of the money collected for the contest will be donated to the participating tweeps.

Entries will be accepted until Friday, July 27th at NOON. Don’t hesitate – enter now! I will post a link to the “official” league website that my truly great friend JT is setting up for us once it is up and running. Periodic results updates will posted both on the league website and on this blog every 2-3 days during the Olympics and the final winner will be notified on August 13th. The final results will be posted here shortly thereafter. In the event of a tie, a name will be drawn out of a hat to determine the winner of the cash prize.

For more information about the Breast Cancer 3 Day, please visit the official website All of the latest news and information about the London Summer Olympics, including the previous medal totals for each country, can be found at or

Thanks for playing Fantasy Olympics with us!  This should be a really fun fundraiser so please pass along the information to anyone that you think might be interested in joining our league.  The more entries we get, the larger the cash prize we can offer and more importantly, the more money we can raise for a wonderful cause!

Images are courtesy of and (c) LOCOG

Neither myself, this fantasy league, or the #3DayTweeps are in any way officially associated with the London Olympics games. Please don’t sue me!