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Bark for Life, benefitting the American Cancer Society

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Yesterday, Shenanigans and I had an excellent opportunity to shake up our training for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure – we participated in the Bark for Life event to benefit the American Cancer Society!  The volunteers explained to me that this was a test event for the American Cancer Society to see if they could take their successful Relay for Life formula and translate it into an event designed around our four legged pals.  The ACS recognizes the important role that our pets, and dogs in particular, play in our lives especially when facing something as daunting as a cancer diagnosis.  Bark for Life was designed to honor the unconditional love and compassion that our dogs offer us while raising money for an important cause.  All in all, it was a really fun event as you can see from all of my pictures below.  Shenanigans and I are already looking forward to doing it again next year!

The first thing that we did upon arriving at Piedmont Park was to register for the event.  Registration was only $10 per dog, although additional donations are certainly welcome.  Each dog that took part in the walk was given a special welcome packet consisting mostly of fresh dog treats and flyers from the event sponsors.  In the grand tradition of charity events everywhere, the dogs were also given something special to wear for the event:  Bark for Life bandanas!

A cute little poodle modeling the Bark for Life bandana

The bandanas fit a little better on these bigger guys!

Following registration, we had some time to explore the vendor area.  There were tables set up selling all kinds of things to benefit the American Cancer Society, including home made treats for both people and pups, official Bark for Life t-shirts and other assorted things.  I even spotted some Bark for Life leashes and collars for sale.  If you’re interested, you can purchase some Bark for Life items in the American Cancer Society store at this link.

Bark for Life t-shirts (L) and leashes (R) in the vendor area (L)

Support Bark For Life!

As with all Relay for Life events, the Bark for Life walk started with Opening Ceremonies.  Opening Ceremonies featured a number of speakers who focused primarily on the role of dogs in lives of all of us, but of cancer patients and survivors especially.  The speeches were very moving although the dogs (including Shenanigans) were getting pretty restless at that point.  Motivational speeches don’t mean much to dogs, unfortunately.

Opening Ceremonies speakers

With the conclusion of Opening Ceremonies, it was time for the walk to officially begin.  Unlike the Relay for Life, which usually lasts for 12 or even 24 hours, the Bark for Life was only a one mile walk.  Our walk took place around the Active Oval at Piedmont Park, which is usually off limits to dogs, something the Bark for Life organizers failed to plan for.  In the future, I think a lap around Lake Clara Meer might work better.  Regardless, we all trooped up the steps and headed out onto the jogging path for a short lap. 

A team of Bark for Life walkers and their dogs (L) and the walkers passing in front of the Midtown Atlanta skyline (R) 
Click to enlarge all photos.


Even the little guys got to take part!

Much like with the Relay for Life, the route for the walk was marked with hydration stations and signage from the American Cancer Society.

Hydration station (L) and Signage on the route (R)

All in all, Bark for Life was a really fun and unique event incorporating two of my passions: walking with my dog Shenanigans and raising money for cancer research.  We got to support a great organization while knocking off a couple miles of 3 Day training.  A great way to spend a Saturday morning!  I can’t wait for next year!

Mike and Shenanigans with the Relay for Life sign (L) and Shenanigans and I before the walk (R)

To see all of my photos from the Bark for Life, please visit this album on my Picasa photo page.


You’re Invited to the American Cancer Society Bark for Life!

Friday, March 12th, 2010

As I’ve said a few times, when it comes to cancer research and awareness, every little bit helps, regardless of where it comes from.  So today I wanted to give my fellow Atlanta residents a head’s up about an event that is happening tomorrow and that I just learned about today:



This is from the official website for the Bark for Life:

Bark For Life is the canine version of Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society’s signature activity.  “Bark” contains all of the elements of its human counterpart – opening ceremony, laps around the field, games, entertainment, and fundraising opportunities – compressed into a fun-filled Saturday morning.

Relay For Life’s motto is “Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.” Bark For Life embodies the concept of Celebration – a celebration of life and of unconditional love, and of their ability to empower us through our relationships with our pets.  By dedicating a morning to our furry friends and the special role they play in our lives, Bark For Life offers the entire community an opportunity to actively engage with the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer by raising awareness and needed funds for continued research, programs, service, education, and advocacy.

Our canine companions offer us joy, security, and compassion. Your participation in Bark For Life honors these important family members, while supporting the life-saving mission of the American Cancer Society.

Bark For Life provides an irresistible way to “take a bite out of cancer.”


The Bark for Life is taking place on Saturday, March 13th from 9am to 1pm.  The event is being held at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA.  If you are interested in participating, registration costs $10 and will begin at 9am at the Picnic Shelter.  The relay itself will begin at 10:15am and is a one mile walk around Piedmont Park.  For more information, including the event schedule, participation guidelines and canine etiquette expectations, please visit the Bark for Life website.

As you guys know, my number one training partner for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure is my lab/collie mix Shenanigans.  I’m always a little sad when the 3 Day rolls around and she can’t be out there walking along with me, especially since she trains so hard for it.  I think the Bark for Life event sounds like a great opportunity for both of us to help out in our community and I hope that you’ll think about coming out for it as well!


Shenanigans on the Silver Comet Trail, during a training walk for the 2008 Breast Cancer 3 Day


Special thanks to the folks at Highland Pet Supply for letting me know about this great event!