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3 Day Mug Update!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

As some of you may remember from back in 2010, I have a coffee mug that is somewhat famous on the internet. 3 Day Mug has her own Twitter account, Facebook page, and now, a Tumblr blog where she updates the world on her adventures traveling to as many 3 Day events per year as possible. After traveling to 11 events in 2010, Mug took a step back last year due to her fragile state and only made it to three  3 Day events (Seattle, Atlanta, and San Diego). It just got to be too expensive to ship her with proper safety packaging, especially with the tight turn around between many of the events that required expedited shipping. So Mug took it relatively easy last summer and fall, mostly holding my pens while I wrote my dissertation.

This year, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with Mug. She still has a fairly good sized following, especially on Twitter, and I wanted to be able to get her back out on the 3 Day circuit for 2012. However, unlike people, Mugs don’t heal and the question of fragility was still a deal breaker for shipping Mug around the country. Thankfully, my dear friend Julie came up with a brilliant solution: she made a felted version of Mug!

"Aunt" Julie and MugSD

Because this Mug (who we have affectionately dubbed Mug’s Stunt Double or MugSD) is soft sided and light weight, she is infinitely easier to send around the country on adventures. MugSD will also be a lot easier for people to carry with them on events, as she doesn’t require a separate protective carrying case like the original Mug does. All in all, it’s a MUCH better situation and will allow everyone to have as much fun with Mug as we can think up.

So, with the new Tumblr all set up (a change from Mug’s old blog that I made in the interest of more timely posts), this past weekend, MugSD took off for the Boston 3 Day in the willing hands of my friend and super crew member Alison. It sounds like it was a great weekend all around, with lots of folks getting the chance to meet MugSD as they came through Pit Stop 4 where she was stationed with Alison. If you’re curious, you can read all about MugSD’s time in Boston here:

Day 0 – crew day!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Boston Wrap Up

So that brings us up to this weekend. This weekend is the Cleveland 3 Day walk and due to a last minute change in plans by my friend Anne Marie, MugSD is skipping that walk. However, I’m hopeful that this will be the only event that MugSD misses in the 2012 season. However, I only have hosts for MugSD lined up for just under half the events on the schedule. The events that MugSD still needs hosts for are:

Twin Cities (August 24 – 26)

Seattle (September 14 – 16)

Philadelphia (October 5 – 7)

Washington DC (October 12 – 14)

Tampa (October 26 – 28)

San Diego (November 16 – 18)

I also have options for hosts for both Atlanta (October 19 – 21) and Arizona (November 9 – 11), although those volunteers will have already hosted MugSD once this season and I want to diversify the Mug hosts as much as possible. I am especially anxious to get someone lined up for the Twin Cities event since that’s coming up pretty soon. The only thing that I ask is that anyone who hosts MugSD is comfortable posting to Twitter since that’s where the majority of Mug’s posts on Facebook/Tumblr originate from.

Please, please, PLEASE, if you’re a Mug fan, look over the list of events that I need Mug hosts for and let me know if you would be interested in the job!

Thanks for keeping the Mug love going and happy 3 Day season!

Original Mug, tweeting he support for the 3 Day walkers and crew in 2011.

It’s Dissertation Crunch Time. And It’s Not Pink.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Greetings, friends!

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged. However, that thing that I wrote about early last winter? Well, it’s still going on. I am STILL working on my doctoral dissertation.



Back then, I thought I was into writing “crunch time”. I really did. But man, I had NO idea what I was talking about. I have spent the last however many months analyzing new-ish data, reanalyzing old data in light of the new data, writing my final manuscript, reading, planning, writing dissertation chapter outlines, collecting references, rewriting my final manuscript, making figures, writing dissertation chapter after dissertation chapter, rewriting my manuscript AGAIN… It really just doesn’t end. I have a goal defense date penciled in on my calendar. (No, I will not tell you when it is until it’s final, I don’t want to jinx it.) I have to finish and submit my dissertation four weeks before my defense. And somehow, before I defend and am done with graduate school forever, I also need to find a job. Which requires a resume. D’oh.

So what I’m saying is, this period I’m in right now? This is for really real CRUNCH TIME. I have deadlines backed up onto deadlines. I have 37 hours worth of things on my to do list every. single. day. As much as I pride myself on my ability to multi-task and try not to become too singularly focused on any one thing at a time, right now, I just need to focus. And that means putting the pink “Do Not Disturb” post-it note back up on my blog. I need to get this done and I need every minute of my own time for myself in order to get it done on time.

As for my current activities with the Komen 3 Day for the Cure community, well, they’re in limbo. Here’s the rundown:

1, I will not be formally taking part in any of the 3 Day events this year. I was hoping to be able to throw a hail mary pass late this summer and possibly be able to walk here in Atlanta with Team Twitter Atlanta this October. But there just won’t be time to do any fundraising or training (even just for fun with my local Tweeps!) before my defense. I can barely keep up with my life and my writing without trying to prepare for a 3 Day event. It is just going to be impossible this year. Next year, though, I will be back with a pink vengeance!

2, I WILL be out walker stalking the Atlanta 3 Day in my hot pink wig and cheering on all of my friends, you can count on that!

3, I will only be able to make minimal updates to the #3DayTweeps website in the coming weeks. I am hoping that my fellow moderators over there can have my back a little and keep things going smoothly in my relative absence. But for now, if you need something from that site, please, please be patient! We do everything (including adding new Tweeps!) by hand and it is a time consuming process. I’m not complaining, but I am asking for patience. To my fellow tweeps, feel free to update that blog on the front page whenever you want! The #3DayTweeps community that we try to foster through the site is what we all make it. If I need to duck out for a few weeks, I have full faith that you all will keep it going in my absence.

4, 3 Day Mug will only be going to a handful of events this year. She blogged about her plans earlier tonight, which you can read about here. Eventually, all of the Mug pictures from last year (as well as my pictures from the 2010 Boston 3 Day!) will make their way online. But not anytime soon, alas.

5, If I find myself with a few minutes here and there, I may tweak this site a bit. This is still a really new website for me and I have a long list of changes and upgrades I still want to make. I also have at least three blog post ideas per day that I am itching to write, but there just isn’t enough to research and write everything I would like. Or anything I would like, truthfully. Like I said: CRUNCH TIME. If I’m writing anything these days, it has to be related to my manuscript and/or my dissertation.

6, Finally, I will probably be making myself pretty scarce on my various social networks for the next few weeks. I’ll be following the various 3 Day events on Twitter as best as I can, but during the week, I’m probably not going to be tweeting much. I’m almost definitely not going to be able to get into the long sprawling conversations with my #3DayTweeps and other friends that I enjoy so much. I’m also going to be something of a ghost on Facebook. I find Facebook particularly frustrating if I can’t read “everything”, so it’s just better for me not to try. If there’s something critical posted there that you think I really need to see, send me a message and I’ll check it out. Otherwise, I won’t be there much.

Oh, and I have a Google+ account now, but I haven’t really played with at all yet. I cannot wait to get my hands on that sucker though, it looks great!

So I think that covers all of my bases. I’ve been feeling pretty stressed this week just thinking about how I can possibly fit in everything that I would like to do and still finish my dissertation on time. And the truth of it is that I can’t. So I’m going to become a dissertation hermit and bang this sucker out once and for all. Oh, and rewrite that manuscript one last time. And get a job.


Thanks for understanding, friends. You’re all invited to the party when I’m finally done!


Weary but determined,


Credit to PhD comics, as always.

Atlanta Race for the Cure Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

As I wrote a few days ago, this past Saturday, May 7th, I ran in the Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure!

In my previous post, I noted the myriad of reasons that I love the Race for the Cure and Saturday did not disappoint. This was my fifth Atlanta Race for the Cure and my seventh Race overall, and to me, it was the best one yet! From spending time with my Team Twitter teammates to FINALLY running the whole darn race to our post-race team brunch, the whole morning was just PERFECT.

One of the things that made this year’s Race so great was the team that I was a part of. In the past I have walked/run with either my husband or a handful of friends. But other than when my whole family got together for the CNY Race for the Cure back in 2007, I haven’t really had a big team to experience the event with. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to get to know a lot of my fellow passionate breast cancer advocates across the country, first through social media and then in person. As you could maybe glean from my blog, our group of charity walkers/runners here in the south east has been particularly active, getting together for training walks, fundraisers and sometimes, just for lunch. As many of us have participated in the Race for the Cure in the past, we decided that it was only fitting that this year, we band together and form our own team, Team Twitter!

Team Twitter

My good friend Julie (or @knittingbagel, as she is known on Twitter) set up our team and served as Team Captain. Ultimately, we ended up with twelve team members, including eight 3 Day walkers (one of whom was pregnant!), two significant others, one mom and even Julie’s five year old daughter (affectionately known online as “Niblette”) who was a part of the Kids for the Cure portion of the event. Julie and I ran in the 5K with my husband Mike, a few of our out of town teammates opted to “sleep in for the cure” and the rest of our team walked in the one mile event. It was great to see everyone participating at the level that was right for them. We all cheered each other on and had a really great time.

Our warpaint is pink!

Team Twitter was also very lucky to be sponsored this year by another member of the 3 Day Tweeps, Laura Davis (or @ldavis1800). Laura owns and operates the New Discoveries shop in Chicago, IL and was very generous in providing our team shirts for the Race this year.  You can (and absolutely should!) check out Laura’s online shop at She sells some absolutely beautiful things from new artists that are well worth your time to browse through. Julie designed our “Pink Warrior Twitter Bird” logo (a variant of our cheerful 3 Day Tweeps Twitter Bird mascot), which we all proudly wore for the race. The shirts are really fantastic and we could not have gotten them without Laura’s support!

As far as the race itself, I made pretty decent time. Because there were no digital timing tags, I used the CardioTrainer app on my phone to track my time, which ultimately came out to 33 minutes, 26 seconds. However, when you are racing with 18,000 people, most of whom are perfectly happy to just mosey along the route, you can’t really get a good stride or rhythm going for at least the first half mile to a mile. I also know I started the app before I actually got to the starting line. So I figure I can scratch a few minutes off of my recorded time, making my actual race time closer to what I ran in the Atlanta Women’s 5K, which was 31 minutes, 22 seconds. The most important thing is that I ran the whole race (for the first time in three attempts at the Race for the Cure and for the second race in a row!), the race itself felt pretty easy to get through and I had fun doing it. I am calling the whole thing a victory for me.

Post race photos with Julie (left) and Mike (right)

All in all, it was a really great morning. I got to see my 3 Day buddies again, I met some of the Komen Atlanta volunteers that I’ve been communicating with through Twitter and email, I had a great race and we wrapped the whole thing up with a fantastic post race team brunch at West Egg Cafe. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. What an excellent way to start the weekend!

If you would like to make a donation to Komen Atlanta in support of me or any of my Team Twitter teammates, it is not too late!  We can and will be taking donations through May 31st. You can find our Team Twitter team page here and you can find my personal page here. Just as a reminder – Julie, Mike and I will be running in the Warrior Dash next weekend, as the second part of our personal “Pink Warrior Challenge”. As we put ourselves through this test of our pink warrior-ness, we would love to have your support! While we may be running to prove our mettle, millions of women, including my own mom, face a much greater test every day as they battle breast cancer. Please consider making a donation today in support of all of the true pink warriors out there!

You can view all of my pictures in the Picasa slideshow below or by clicking over to the Photo Gallery page for this event, here.

The Story of 3 Day Mug

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I have a coffee mug.  It is pink and 3 Day themed and I painted it as part of a 3 Day fundraiser for my friend Julie (aka @knittingbagel on Twitter).  And in the intervening months and weeks since I painted my mug, it has become quite famous.  It has become known, quite simply as “3 Day Mug“.

Mug rose to prominence as a result of Julie and I’s friendly bickering over whether it is better to live in intown Atlanta (or “ITP”, which stands for Inside the Perimeter, where I live) or if the suburbs are preferable (that would be “OTP”, where Julie lives).  Julie decided that they best way to prove that OTP life was better was to take my mug, which she was in temporary custody of, for a tour of all things Alpharetta, which she documented in a series of increasingly hilarious pictures throughout the course of one day.  And because all of this was taking place on Twitter, the adventures of Mug were witnessed by a large number of our fellow 3 Day participants, who quickly became quite enamored of Mug.

Soon enough, things started to get silly, as these things often do.  Before I knew it, Mug had her own blog (at and her own Twitter account (where she “tweets” as @3DayMug), neither of which I established but both of which entertained me mightily.  Mug was updating the world on her adventures fairly regularly and her legend was growing.

Mug is ready to walk!
As you may recall, I regained custody of the now rather famous 3 Day Mug during a training walk with my fellow Atlanta 3 Day Tweeps (which I posted about here) shortly before I left for the Boston 3 Day.  Given Mug’s new level of notoriety, I decided to bring Mug with me to Boston to document the event from Mug’s point of view.  It ended up being a ton of fun – almost like the Flat Stanley of the 3 Day.  And of course, almost as soon as Mug started tweeting and posting pics from the 3 Day, I had offers to take Mug to almost all of the other 3 Day events as well!

In addition to the Boston 3 Day, Mug also “walked” in the Michigan 3 Day last weekend and is currently en route to her host for the Twin Cities 3 Day next weekend.  After a short respite back home with me, 3 Day Mug will also be traveling to the DC, Philly, Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, Phoenix and San Diego 3 Day events as well!  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, she will be one well-traveled Mug!

The adventures of the 3 Day Mug really have nothing to do with raising money or working to find a cure for breast cancer.  In fact, 3 Day Mug doesn’t even have anything to do with training to walk 60 miles.  But what the story of the 3 Day Mug does is perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the 3 Day community: fun, outgoing, generous, passionate.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are passionate about our cause.  When we do something, we do it all the way.  And we are constantly reaching out and supporting each other in whatever crazy thing we are doing.  If the 3 Day Mug can help bring that spirit to life and help spread it around the country, then I am all for that.

As a part of that effort, I will try to link over Mug’s blog whenever a post (or series of posts) goes up from one of the 3 Day events.  Mug’s first event, as I mentioned, was the Boston 3 Day at the end of July.  You can find Mug’s posts from that event at the following links:

Enjoy the silliness that is inherent in reading about and seeing the 3 Day from a Mug’s eye view and be sure to watch out for future 3 Day Mug posts!

Reunited with 3 Day Mug!
(PS – I think I’m starting to win over Julie that ITP is better.  Check out her post about a recent training walk that we did where I took her on a great tour of Midtown Atlanta!)

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The Atlanta 3 Day Tweeps Training Walk!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

One of the greatest things about the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure is the community of people that are involved in it.  3 Day people are optimistic, supportive and wonderful.  And that spirit of community expands far beyond the 3 Day event itself.  This past year, I have met so many great 3 Day walkers and crew members through Twitter.  Chatting with these great ladies and men is like getting a hit of 3 Day spirit every day.

Recently, a number of us Atlanta “tweeps” (or people on Twitter, for the uninitiated) got to chatting and we decided to meet up for a training walk.  We all decided to head up to the Silver Comet Trail this past Saturday for a nice nine mile walk between the Floyd Road and Mavell Road trailheads.  Due to scheduling conflicts, many of the ladies were unable to join us.  However, there were four of us that braved the rain and made it out on Saturday for our walk: myself (@kscincotta on Twitter), Julie (@knittingbagel), Lilly (@gphigirl) and 3 Day newbie Pam (@lilshadetree).  And of course, we were joined by a famous guest for our walk: Mug (aka @3DayMug)!  

After a few weekends of long solo training walks, it was a very nice to have some people to talk to.  We had a great chat during our walk and had a lot of fun, even though we had to dodge a few rainstorms along the way.  A little ice cream from the Silver Comet Depot post-walk and some incredibly nice gifts from Lilly rounded out an excellent morning of training.  It was truly the best way to spend my last weekend of training before the Boston 3 Day for the Cure in a few days!  Thanks ladies!

You can check out more of my photos from our training walk in this album on my Picasa page or in the slideshow below.  Enjoy!

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