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The Breast Cancer Network of Strength’s National Walk to Empower!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

This Sunday, I woke up bright and early for the second day in a row to head out to a breast cancer related event.  This time, I was off to take part in the Breast Cancer Network of Strength’s National Walk to Empower in Chastain Park!

The Team Village area at the Walk to Empower

After the loud, organized chaos of the Atlanta Race for the Cure on Saturday, this event was a welcome change.  While the Network of Strength has been hosting Walk to Empower events for years, this is only the second or third year that the event was held here in Atlanta.  Because of that, the event was still on the small side with only a few thousand people taking part.  While the crowd was on the small side, it was the biggest group they’ve had to date for a Walk to Empower event in Atlanta, suggesting that the event is starting to gain some public recognition.  

In a lot of ways, this event was like a lot of other cancer awareness events.  There were the standard registration tables where everyone checked in before the race, turned in their donations and received their event t-shirt if they raised enough money.  (I didn’t, but I knew that going in.)  There were also vendor and sponsor areas all along the area.  One sort of unique aspect was the Team Village area that featured tables and tents assigned to the larger teams where they could meet up, share snacks and water and display photos of those they were honoring.  It was similar to the tent areas around the Relay for Life, although on a smaller scale.    Even though I wasn’t on a team, I took some time to wander through the tables and get a feel for the teams involved.

One of the larger teams prior to the walk.

The event itself kicked off with a short Opening Ceremonies hosted by a pair of radio DJs from 94.9 The Bull here in Atlanta.  The Ceremony featured some short remarks by the organizers and a beautiful performance of Mariah Carey’s song “Hero” as a tribute to the survivors.  After a really lame gag by Ronald McDonald of all people (McDonald’s was a sponsor), we were on our way!  We walked just over 3 miles through the gorgeous Chastain Park area of Atlanta, mostly on a paved greenway that is part of the Path Foundation.  I had never walked up in this neck of the woods, but I will definitely be coming back.  The walk we did was so peaceful and beautiful – a great way to spend the morning.  In fact, I liked it so much that I stayed after and did another loop around the route as part of my 3 Day training for the day.

Heading out on the Path in Chastain Park.

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I headed out to this walk.  While I very much support the wonderful work of the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, this was the first time I had participated in any of their events.  I was pleasantly surprised by the calm, easy nature of the whole thing.  It strongly reminded me of the start of Day 3 on both of my Atlanta 3 Day walks.  A little sleepy and a little chilly, not much chit chat.  Just a contemplative walk through a beautiful neighborhood to get the day started.  I’m thrilled that this event is getting more recognition in the Atlanta area and I can’t wait to come back next year.  Since I couldn’t be with my mom this year, it was the perfect way for me to spend the morning of Mother’s Day.

A mother and daughter team at the Walk to Empower

If you would like to see more pictures from the Walk to Empower, please visit this album on my Picasa page.  I have also included a slide show of my pictures at the bottom of this post.  Please pardon the quality of the second half of the pictures.  I had to switch to my cell phone after the batteries died in my camera.  Otherwise, there would have been a lot more pictures of this very pretty walk!

You’re Invited to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength Walk to Empower!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The Race for the Cure isn’t the only breast cancer awareness event taking place in Atlanta this weekend.  This Sunday, in honor of Mother’s Day, the Breast Cancer Network of Strength will be hosting it’s annual Walk to Empower series of events all around the country to help raise money for their support services.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Breast Cancer Network of Strength (formerly known as the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization) is a national non profit organization with the mission to ensure through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone.  Unlike Susan G. Komen for the Cure, this organization does not raise money for research.  Instead, it provides immediate emotional relief for anyone touched by breast cancer.

At the heart of the Breast Cancer Network of Strength is their 24/7 breast cancer peer support center and hotline, YourShoes.  Through YourShoes, breast cancer patients are put into email or phone contact with peer counselors and breast cancer survivors who are there to help them make educated decisions about their treatments and to provide comfort in a time of need.  In addition to YourShoes, the Breast Cancer Network of Strength also provides newsletters and publications help provide breast cancer patients and their families with information and support.  Local affiliates provide a number of support services as well, including support groups, early detection and teen workshops, wigs and prostheses for women with limited resources and advocacy on breast cancer policies.  To learn more about the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, please visit their website, where I found most of this information.  You can also learn how to get involved in their various outreach programs here.

Marcia, the angel of the Mag 5 family and the Relentless Optimism 3 Day team, learned that her breast cancer had returned in January 2007.  Just a few short weeks later, my mom first learned that she had breast cancer as well.  Marcia reached out to my mom immediately, recommending an oncologist, talking through treatment options and going out for ice cream dates on rough days.  The two of them accompanied each other to an endless array of doctor’s appointments and chemo treatments.  They talked on the phone all the time and commiserated about yet another unexpected side effect of treatment.  They were each other’s rock through out their personal battles with the cancer demon.  

Watching Mom and Marcia, I have seen first hand just how important it was for my mom to have someone to talk to who just “got it” without having to explain anything.  I could listen to Mom and comfort her, but it wasn’t the same as the understanding that she got from Marcia.  And I know that Marcia felt the same way about my mom.  

No one should have to go through cancer treatment by themselves.  The work that the Breast Cancer Network of Strength is doing is so important for just that reason.  So many women and men facing a diagnosis of breast cancer don’t have a Marcia to turn to.  They don’t have anyone to recommend a good place to buy wigs or the best way to tie a scarf.  Helping the Network of Strength do their work is one way that we can all be a Marcia for someone else.

This Sunday, on Mother’s Day, I will be walking in the 3 mile Walk to Empower at Chastain Park here in Georgia to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.  There are 13 other Walk to Empower events taking place at the same time in cities all around the country.  If you would like to take part in the Walk to Empower here in Georgia, you can find all of the information here.  Information about the other cities can be found here.

There is no registration fee for this event.  They simply ask that you do your best to help them raise money using their online tools.  I have set up a fundraising page that can be found here.  While I haven’t been actively fundraising for this event, I have been supporting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength through their BeeWell for Life collaboration with Bumble Bee.  I have been logging all of my training miles for both the Atlanta Race for the Cure and the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure on their website every week.  In return, Bumble Bee will donate $0.15 to the Breast Cancer Network for Strength for every mile logged on their site from now through the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, up to $200,000.  Since I started logging my miles two weeks ago, I have already raised over $13 and I’m hoping to raise a lot more in the coming weeks. 

If you would like to support the great work of the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, I highly encourage you to start logging your miles at as well.  And come out and join us for the Walk to Empower this Sunday.  My mom was lucky enough to have someone to share her cancer journey with the first time.  This year, I will be helping to ensure that other breast cancer patients around the country have someone to face their battles with as well by supporting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.  What a great way to spend Mother’s Day!