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Running Month in Review: July

August 5th, 2013 by kscincotta

Back when I posted my goals for 2013, I mentioned that I wanted to write monthly running recaps as a way of keeping myself accountable and maybe, just maybe, enticing a few people to make donations to some of my ongoing fundraisers after seeing how hard I’m working to prepare for my big races. A few weeks ago, I covered the first six months of 2013 all in one post. This post is the first of my shorter monthly recaps!

With my friend Cliff, my race date for the Dekalb-Decatur 4 Miler

July in Atlanta is usually hot. Super, crazy hot. And also humid. This year, though, it has also been insanely rainy. At one point, I read that it had rained something like 21 out of the first 23 days of the month. Unreal. However, all that rain wasn’t completely unwelcome. First, it made the usually unbearable summer temps much more tolerable. Sure, we missed the sun, but for running, you really can’t beat an overcast day. Second, both Mike and I spent a good chunk of the month rehabbing injuries. In Mike’s case, he tweaked his knee shortly before the Peachtree and ended up taking three complete weeks off from running to let it recover after that race. In my case, a week after the Peachtree, I was finishing up a short training run and rolled my ankle right across the street from my house. I think my initial ankle injury was pretty mild, but after racing on it at the Atlanta Track Club’s Dekalb-Decatur 4 Miler just two days later, I was really hurting. After “internet-diagnosing” myself with a mild high ankle sprain (and possibly a regular ankle sprain as well), I took a complete week off to recover and then slowly eased back into running over the following week, aided by a lot of ice and KT Tape. My ankle still isn’t 100% back to normal, but it’s strong enough to finally start training for my next half marathon – the AllState 13.1 half in early October!


As you can tell from my little intro, there wasn’t much actual “training” that took place this past month. For the first week, I was tapering leading into the Peachtree. Then I had one week of light running in between the Peachtree and the D-D 4 Miler which ended with my ankle injury. The following week was supposed to be Week 1 of a new half marathon training cycle and was instead spent with my ankle on an ice pack. And the last full week of July was spent easing back into running, following a modified half marathon training plan. Starting tomorrow with Week 3, I’m going to do a weekly post focused on my half marathon training. However, because those first two weeks were pretty minimal, I’m just going to quickly run down the details here.

Half Marathon Training Week 1 (July 15th – 21st)

Planned workouts:

  • Monday – Core strength
  • Tuesday – 3.5 mile easy run
  • Wednesday – 6 x 400s at the track + Core Fusion yoga (1 hour)
  • Thursday – 3 mile easy run + whole body strength
  • Friday – Rest!
  • Saturday – Rest!
  • Sunday – 3 miles

Actual workouts:

  • Sunday – 3 miles, which were not entirely ankle-pain free

Summary: Ran 3/9.5 planned miles, plus I skipped my speed work, two strength sessions, and yoga. Boo.

Half Marathon Training Week 2 (July 22nd – 28th)

Planned/Actual workouts:

  • Monday – Rest! Not a typical rest day, but my ankle needed it after my short run on Sunday
  • Tuesday – 3.5 miles before work + upper body strength after work, both of which got done
  • Wednesday – Planned to go to Core Fusion yoga (an Exhale gym here in Atlanta offers free classes outdoors at Atlantic Station on Wednesday nights). However, it was raining, I had a work presentation the next day that I needed to finish, and I was pretty nervous about all that twisting and balancing on my bum ankle. Ended up deciding to skip yoga for another week. I also usually do speed work on Wednesdays but I decided after my Sunday run to wait another week before adding that back in. So I didn’t technically skip that run.
  • Thursday – 3 miles before work + core strength after work. I finished the run but bailed on the core strength for no very good reason.
  • Friday – Rest! I like to leave Fridays for rest days both as a treat at the end of the week and to have a back up day in case I have to skip any workouts at the beginning of the week. I also race a lot on Saturday mornings, so a built in rest day on Friday makes planning around races a bit easier.
  • Saturday – 3 easy miles with Mike and Shenanigans. Mike’s first run in three weeks!
  • Sunday – 7 miles. My ankle was finally starting to feel strong at the end of the week, so I decided to push it with a Sunday Long Run Day. Happily, this was mostly ankle pain-free.

Summary: Ran 16.5 miles (all planned) and completed one strength session. Skipped one planned strength session and yoga, and chose not to do speed work.

Training Stats for July

  • Total miles run in July: 55.8
  • Total runs in July: 15
  • Total cross-training sessions: 5 strength sessions


I raced twice in July – the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th where I set a big 10k PR and the ATC Dekalb-Decatur 4 Miler on July 10th, my fourth ATC Grand Prix race of the year. You can read my recap of the Peachtree here and you can read my quick blurb about the D-D 4 Miler in my mid-year running recap post, here.

And that wraps up July!

Ending the month on a high note - colorful, new running shoes!

Ending the month on a high note – colorful, new running shoes!

How was your training in July? What races did you complete? Do you have any go to moves for strengthening ankles post-injury?

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