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Half Marathon Training – Week 3

August 6th, 2013 by kscincotta

Welcome to the first dedicated weekly training post for this half marathon training cycle!

For those who are trying to keep track, I’m currently training for the AllState 13.1 Half Marathon, which takes place on October 6th. I’m following a 12 week training plan, which makes this past week (July 29th – August 4th) the third week of this cycle. However, if you read my July recap, then you know that my first two weeks of training were pretty minimal due to a lingering ankle injury from the beginning of July. Thankfully, my ankle seems to be getting stronger every week, making this my first week back in full training mode.

First run in my new shoes!

However – before I jump into a run down of my training from last week, I thought I’d give a quick run down of what a typical training week looks like for me so that all of you following along have something to compare to. Generally speaking, I try to follow a modified version of a Hal Higdon training plan (I skipped the first two weeks to give myself something of a taper at the end) which I honestly plot out months in advance. I find that I’m less likely to skip runs or other workouts if I made the commitment to myself a long time ago to do them. I always tell myself that even though I don’t want to do a given workout on a given day, I must’ve had some good reason for putting it on the calendar, which makes me more likely to stick with it. Mental tricks!

As for the training itself, I try to run 4-5 times a week. I usually only run four times if I’m between training cycles and five times when I’m training for a longer race like I am now. I aim for one long run (usually on Sundays), one short easy run (often with my dog Shenanigans!), one or two medium distance/medium effort runs (one of which I’ll sometimes replace with a weekend race), and one day of speedwork. For speedwork, I alternate between intervals at the track (I run on the packed dirt/gravel track at Piedmont Park) or tempo runs (-ish. I’m not great at managing pace.). I don’t do hill workouts because, well, all of my runs are pretty hilly here in Midtown Atlanta. I also try to get in two strength training sessions per week (mostly using free weights here at home), with the goal of completing two core workouts, two full body strength workouts, one lower body and one upper body workout in a three week period. And finally, I try to squeeze in at least an hour of yoga per week. I find that when I start skipping yoga, my knees and ankles really start to ache from all that running. So yoga is a must-do for me! Altogether, that means that if I’m really on the ball, I will complete eight workouts in seven days. As you’ll probably see over the coming weeks, that doesn’t always happen. But I always try!

So, how did this past week measure up? Actually, pretty decently! For the first full week of half marathon training (which was actually the third week in my plan), it went really well!

  • Monday – Core Strength for Runners class at Phidippides. This is a new class that Phidippides has starting offering in addition to their weekly group runs and I really wanted to check it out. It was a great workout (especially for free!) but it was a little more focused on the lower body than I’d like for a core workou. I’ll definitely be back though!
  • Tuesday – 4.15 miles in the morning before work. First run in my new blue shoes!
  • Wednesday – I had planned to run intervals in the morning and then head to Core Fusion yoga at Atlantic Station after work. However, it was absolutely pouring rain when I woke up. So instead, I hit the treadmill after work (my office has a gym) and skipped yoga. I ended up doing 7 x 0.25 mile repeats with a 0.1-0.15 mile active recovery in between plus a 0.75 mile warm up jog and a 0.6 mile cool down jog for 4.01 total miles. Running on the treadmill was actually a blessing in disguise since I could really control my pace on the intervals (something I desperately need practice at!). I felt so great post run that I also did my standard core strengthening workout after my run. I had planned to do lower body conditioning for my second strength workout this week but because the Core class had already worked my legs pretty hard on Monday, I did a more targeted core strengthening workout instead. For a day that started with rain, Wednesday was a great success!
  • Thursday – 3.28 easy miles in the morning with Shenanigans before work
  • Friday – Rest! I probably should have made up my yoga session after work, but, well… Friday.
  • Saturday – Raced in the ATC Atlanta’s Finest 5k! Ended up finishing with a 29:03 time which I was really happy with.
  • Sunday – 8.19 miles with Mike, followed by an afternoon playing in the pool with my friend Julie’s daughter. Nice to be back in the Sunday Long Run Day groove!

All in all, it felt great to push through a real week of training. I mixed in a new class, some treadmill running, and runs with both Shenanigans and Mike. I LOVE when I can mix things up like that!

Total Planned Miles: 22

Total Completed Miles: 22.73

Total Cross Training workouts: 2/3 — no yoga this week. 

How was your training this week? Are you training for any big fall races?

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2 Responses to “Half Marathon Training – Week 3”

  1. Louise says:

    Truly inspiring as I am also training and planning. Keep up the great work :)

    • kscincotta says:

      Thanks! I know of a couple people who are training for halfs (halves?) this fall. We can keep each other accountable!

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