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Running for the ROC!

March 4th, 2013 by kscincotta

On March 17th, while the rest of the country is drinking green beer and celebrating whatever small percentage of Irish heritage they can claim, I will celebrate by running my first half marathon – the Georgia Publix Half Marathon – 13.10 miles in honor of my mother and her ongoing, inspiring fight against Stupid Cancer.

Since her breast cancer diagnosis in 2007 and recurrence of Stupid Cancer in early 2010, my mom has received the majority of her treatments from the phenomenal team at the Upstate Medical University Regional Oncology Center (ROC) in Syracuse, New York.

In appreciation for the wonderful care my mom has received, I am dedicating this half marathon to the Upstate ROC team and raising funds to support the Give Hope a New Home capital campaign to build a new Upstate Cancer Center. Opening in spring 2014, this state-of-the-art outpatient facility will expand and improve care and services to cancer patients like my mom, my best friend’s mom, Marcia, who passed away from breast cancer in 2009, and adults and children throughout upstate New York.

My goal is to raise at least $1,000 by the end of March. Here a few ways to support me:

  • Donate $100 or more (yourself or with others), and I will dedicate a mile of my race to whomever you would like. I will recognize them here on my personal website ( and wear their name on my race shirt. I am reserving the first mile for Marcia and the last mile for my mom. That means there are 11 miles up grabs!
  • Donate per mile: $13.10 ($1/mile), $26.20 ($2/mile), $52.40 ($4/mile), $104.80 ($8/mile – also lets you dedicate a mile!), or any other multiple of 13.1. I am going to finish!
  • Use your donation as motivation for me to run faster: donate a dollar amount for every minute I run under 2 hours and 30 minutes (my goal time.) For example, if you pledge $5 per minute under goal time and I finish in 2:18, you would come back to this site the week after the race (March 18th) and donate $60. If you want to go this route, let me know your pre-race pledge via email at

You can make your donation in one of two ways. If you prefer the simplicity of donating online, simply click over to my fundraising page on the Foundation for  Upstate Medical University website, scroll to the bottom, and fill in your information. I promise, it’s all very legitimate and safe. However, ff you would prefer to mail in a check, please make your check payable to “Foundation for Upstate” and address it to:

Foundation for Upstate
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

If you go this route, please be sure to write “Run4ROC” in the message area of the check so that it is recognized as being a part of my fundraising efforts. Please note that all donations (online and via mail) are 100% tax deductible.

This fundraiser is different than the fundraisers I’ve done in the past. There are no fundraising minimums required for my race entry and I’m not trying to earn any awards or prizes. I simply want to raise some money for a local organization that deserves our support. I’m so grateful for the high quality care that my mom has received from Upstate’s ROC team during her 6+ year battle with Stupid Cancer and I want to return the favor in my own way. My mom won’t be the last woman diagnosed with breast cancer. I can only hope that every woman is able to receive the cutting edge treatments and care that my mom has received from the team at the ROC.

Please join me in honoring her caregivers and helping to make the new Upstate Cancer Center a reality for cancer patients across upstate New York!

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