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Fantasy Olympics Update – Results as of Day 6

August 2nd, 2012 by kscincotta

No Olympics spoilers here, I promise!

Just a quick update today on our Fantasy Olympics league that I am running as a fundraiser on behalf of a number of my friends walking/crewing in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. As of the completion of the events on Thursday, North Korea and South Africa are still proving to be Tier 4 powerhouses and our previous leader, Nancy McKeown is still holding strong with 514 of 802 possible points. As for the rest of the top five, things currently look like this:

Rank Team Name Player Name Total Points
1 Go Sis!! Nancy McKeown 514
2 Henry’s Picks Laura Davis 510
3 Rikki Rikki Noel-Williams 509
4 Bryan Bryan Miller 499
5 Team Big Sis Kristin Moreland 492

As a reminder, you can view the full standings for all 29 teams on our Fantasy Olympics League website. We are updating the results on the website each morning (usually around 10am) to reflect the results of the previous day’s events (so no spoilers unless you scroll down to the actively updating medal count widget from While six full days are already in the books, there’s still an entire week of competitions left to go. And with a lot of the action shifting from the pool to the track and with all of the team tournament event medals left to be awarded, it’s still anyone’s game to win!

Thanks for playing along and GO KENYA/JAMAICA/ETHIOPIA! Let’s win this for Team Croatian Water Polo Caps on the roads and the track!!!

PS: If you’re an Olympics Super Fan like I am, you NEED to be reading fellow Olympics Super Fan Samuel Jackson’s twitter feed. It is EVERYTHING you want it to be.

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  1. Rajith says:

    I am so glad to see another bgeglor participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness month! :)Besides going pink, I will also try to create and spread the awareness on breast cancer throughout the month.

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