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Fantasy Olympics Update – Results as of Day 10!

August 7th, 2012 by kscincotta

No Spoilers!!! I promise!!

As the London Olympics roll on, so to does our Fantasy Olympics League!

Before I get to the current standings in our league, I just wanted to make a brief note. As a head’s up, I will be donating the money that we raised through this fundraiser to the assorted 3 Day walkers and crew members that helped to recruit participants on THURSDAY so that those taking part in the Chicago 3 Day this weekend will have those donations recorded before their event kicks off on Friday morning. That means that if you haven’t yet paid for your entry, you have until Wednesday night to get that taken care of. If you would prefer to mail me a check instead of paying via Paypal, send me an email and I’ll provide my address. I’ll also include the total amount of those donations when I update our league standings again on Friday.

Speaking of the standings… our current leader remains Lyle Deckowitz, who is building on his lead with some amazing performances by the Brits on the bikes! Lyle is only 18 points up on the next closest competitor, and with seven days of medals still to be awarded, the title of league winner could still go to any  number of different people!

1 Lyle Lyle Deckowitz 1069
2 Save the Toucans Jennifer Carbary 1052
3 Henry’s Picks Laura Davis 999
4 I love the oylimpics Dustin Davis 993
5 Wes Wes Lyons 975

Remember to keep checking out our Fantasy Olympics League website for daily updates to see how your team is doing. And while you’re at it, how about sending JT (@Schrimnir) a thank you tweet for his hard work keeping our site up to date?!

Thanks for playing along! Fingers crossed for some more long shot medals on the track tonight!

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