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Fantasy Olympics Update!!

July 30th, 2012 by kscincotta

Hello Fantasy Olympians (and anyone else who’s just curious about what we’re up to)!

As you may have noticed, the London 2012 Summer Olympics are now well underway, which means that our league is now live as well. After ten days of sign ups, I am thrilled to say that we have 28 paid entries and 2 as yet unpaid entries. That means that our winner will be taking home (or receiving a donation) of between $140 and $150 dollars (I’ll update that once I’ve heard back from the three people who still owe their donations). More importantly, thanks to a number of donations above the $10 per entry that we requested, we have raised AT LEAST $220 for Breast Cancer 3-Day walkers and crew. Again, I’ll update that number once I have the final amount.

Now, onto the fun stuff – who’s winning??? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the Olympics so far, then you have probably noticed that in the summer Olympics, they give out A LOT of medals in A LOT of sports. So, to help us keep track of the standings in our fantasy league, my friend JT has graciously agreed to help us out by setting up and maintaining our own league website, which can be found here:

#3DayTweeps Fantasy Summer Olympics League Homepage

From the main page, you can click on each person’s team name to see the 18 countries that make up each team. As we go along, JT is going to update the standings at the end of each day of competition, so be sure to check out how your team is doing regularly. We’re also going to be adding a couple of extra features to flush out the site, including a medals table and daily results from London. In the interest of keeping everyone informed, I’ll also be posting here on my blog with updated results for our current top five every few days or so over the next two weeks.

So, after two full days of swimming, shooting, diving, archery, and so much more, who’s jumped out to the early lead in our league? With no further hesitation, our current top five teams are:

Rank Team Name Player Name(s) Total Points
1 Go Sis!! Nancy McKeown 180
2 Rikki Rikki Noel-Williams 171
3 Mylia Mylia Liddell 154
4 Team Big Sis Kristin Moreland 145
5 Team Batman! Anne Marie DeSimone 138

Nancy McKeown has jumped out to the early lead, primarily on the strength of long shot Tier 4 medals from South Africa and North Korea. However, it’s still early and there’s a lot of medals left to award, meaning that it’s still anyone’s Fantasy Olympics to win. Keep checking the site each day to see how your team is doing and if you think we’ve made a mistake, let me know (

Thank you everyone so much for playing along and GO Team Croatian Water Polo Helmets!!


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