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3 Day Mug Update!

July 31st, 2012 by kscincotta

As some of you may remember from back in 2010, I have a coffee mug that is somewhat famous on the internet. 3 Day Mug has her own Twitter account, Facebook page, and now, a Tumblr blog where she updates the world on her adventures traveling to as many 3 Day events per year as possible. After traveling to 11 events in 2010, Mug took a step back last year due to her fragile state and only made it to three  3 Day events (Seattle, Atlanta, and San Diego). It just got to be too expensive to ship her with proper safety packaging, especially with the tight turn around between many of the events that required expedited shipping. So Mug took it relatively easy last summer and fall, mostly holding my pens while I wrote my dissertation.

This year, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with Mug. She still has a fairly good sized following, especially on Twitter, and I wanted to be able to get her back out on the 3 Day circuit for 2012. However, unlike people, Mugs don’t heal and the question of fragility was still a deal breaker for shipping Mug around the country. Thankfully, my dear friend Julie came up with a brilliant solution: she made a felted version of Mug!

"Aunt" Julie and MugSD

Because this Mug (who we have affectionately dubbed Mug’s Stunt Double or MugSD) is soft sided and light weight, she is infinitely easier to send around the country on adventures. MugSD will also be a lot easier for people to carry with them on events, as she doesn’t require a separate protective carrying case like the original Mug does. All in all, it’s a MUCH better situation and will allow everyone to have as much fun with Mug as we can think up.

So, with the new Tumblr all set up (a change from Mug’s old blog that I made in the interest of more timely posts), this past weekend, MugSD took off for the Boston 3 Day in the willing hands of my friend and super crew member Alison. It sounds like it was a great weekend all around, with lots of folks getting the chance to meet MugSD as they came through Pit Stop 4 where she was stationed with Alison. If you’re curious, you can read all about MugSD’s time in Boston here:

Day 0 – crew day!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Boston Wrap Up

So that brings us up to this weekend. This weekend is the Cleveland 3 Day walk and due to a last minute change in plans by my friend Anne Marie, MugSD is skipping that walk. However, I’m hopeful that this will be the only event that MugSD misses in the 2012 season. However, I only have hosts for MugSD lined up for just under half the events on the schedule. The events that MugSD still needs hosts for are:

Twin Cities (August 24 – 26)

Seattle (September 14 – 16)

Philadelphia (October 5 – 7)

Washington DC (October 12 – 14)

Tampa (October 26 – 28)

San Diego (November 16 – 18)

I also have options for hosts for both Atlanta (October 19 – 21) and Arizona (November 9 – 11), although those volunteers will have already hosted MugSD once this season and I want to diversify the Mug hosts as much as possible. I am especially anxious to get someone lined up for the Twin Cities event since that’s coming up pretty soon. The only thing that I ask is that anyone who hosts MugSD is comfortable posting to Twitter since that’s where the majority of Mug’s posts on Facebook/Tumblr originate from.

Please, please, PLEASE, if you’re a Mug fan, look over the list of events that I need Mug hosts for and let me know if you would be interested in the job!

Thanks for keeping the Mug love going and happy 3 Day season!

Original Mug, tweeting he support for the 3 Day walkers and crew in 2011.


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