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Welcome to my new website!

May 6th, 2011 by kscincotta

Hello everyone and welcome to my new home on the interwebz!

While I have enjoyed blogging over at the old Kristen Walks Blogger site, I was starting to feel like the format over there was a bit limited for what I am hoping to achieve through my blog. When I first set up my Kristen Walks blog, I was solely focused on keeping my supporters up to date on my efforts through the Breast Cancer 3 Day and some of my other advocacy activities. As I got into it, I found that I really enjoyed interacting with other charity walkers and runners. I love hearing about their ideas and efforts, encouraging each other to take on bigger and better goals and sharing in the enthusiasm when we reach those goals. Being able to use my blog to jump start new discussions with other advocates like myself has been wonderful. But now, I’m ready to take it to the next level.

As I explain on the Welcome page of this new site, I believe very strongly that the most effective advocates for more biomedical research funding are educated advocates. As a scientist myself, I am in the unique position to help my fellow advocates better understand exactly what we mean when we say that we’re raising money for breast cancer research. I have also found that my own fundraising efforts are more successful when I’m able to sit down and explain why research is so important, some of the recent advances that we’ve made, what work still lies ahead and most importantly, why it costs so much money. So to me, the next logical step is to use the platform that I’ve already established through Kristen Walks to begin talking more about what we’re raising all this money for instead of just the best way to go about raising that money. The more that I considered how to bring this new aspect to Kristen Walks, I realized that rather than a simple redesign, what I needed was a whole new site where I can share all of the aspects of my advocacy work rather than just my efforts through the 3 Day.

This new website, then, is my attempt to both formalize and broaden what I write about. The homepage URL is now very easy to remember: From there, you will find links to both the new Kristen Walks blog and the newly upgraded Kristen Runs section, as well as links to my photo albums from all of my advocacy related activities and events. If you would like to skip directly to the blog, you can do that by going to

Rest assured, just about all of the old blog content and comments are here. If there was an old post on the Blogger site that you loved, it is now here as well. I am still tweaking some details around this new site, so don’t be surprised if you happen to notice a few upgrades here and there over the coming weeks. If you see any major bugs, please be sure to let me know.

Thank you everyone with putting up with the lengthy gaps in blogging over the last few months. As I wrap up my dissertation writing and attempt to move into making my advocacy work more of a full time career, I hope those gaps become less and less frequent.

Now, on to the good stuff!


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