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Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: May 13th – 19th

May 21st, 2011 by kscincotta

Lots of great blog posts this past week, including these first few posts about some events besides the 3 Day!

For starters, the Men with Heart took part in the Avon Walk in Boston last week. You can read their post about that great (but apparently wet!) event here. Includes a link to their event photos!

Texas Jeff, of Texas Jeff’s Cancer Blog recently took part in the Relay for Life of Greater Heights, TX. You can read more about his Relay experience in this post.

Finally, the author of the great blog Alpha Pink Omega (who I think is named Mal) spent part of her weekend participating in the Race for the Cure in Columbus. You can read her post about the Race here. Mal also posted about a fantastic ongoing fundraiser that she is doing in her community – mowing lawns! Check out her pink lawn mower and read more about how she’s using her fundraiser to sneak in some training here. Speaking of squeezing in training, Mal also wrote this fun post about how training walks in the rain are nothing more than opportunity to jump in some puddles!

Also on the topic of training, Jay Furr explained the importance of incorporating some hills into your training walks here. Jay is also starting to get a little too excited about his crew assignment for the Boston 3 Day – trash pick up! Find about more about why he’s looking forward to that particular task here.

Sometimes, you just need a break from training. Leanne, of the blog Leanne… the Walker talks about why its okay to give yourself permission to skip a training day in this post.

In the last of this series of training-centric posts, Jen, from the blog And We’re Walking…, recently completed her first solo training walk without her sister Stef. Read about her important realization from that walk in this great post. You can also read about Jen and Stef’s latest successful fundraising venture, a big spaghetti dinner and trivia contest, here.

Speaking of fundraising, Crystal, of the blog 60 Miles and Beyond, learned this week that she had reached her fundraising minimum! Stop by and say congratulations here.

Nicole, the Online Ambassador that blogs at One Step at a Time recently decided that it was time for her to not just talk the talk, but to walk the walk as well. Read about her first mammogram experience here. :

D’lyn, the captain of Team Tiara who blogs at Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom, recently wrote a letter to her teammates in which she relayed the stories of a number of women and families that Team Tiara will be walking in honor of this year. You can read her moving letter here.

Allie, the breast cancer survivor and 3 Day walker who blogs at So I Had Cancer… Now What? wrote this week about the anxiety that accompanies the regular scans that she has to endure in order to confirm that she is still in remission in this post that really illustrates what it is like to be a cancer survivor.

Finally, the 3 Day community learned this week that our fellow walker, Ambassador and survivor Tracey Dart has been dealing with a new health challenge when cancer cells were found in her lymph nodes, which she talked about in this post. Please take some time today to head over to Tracy’s blog Team Tracy to send our girl some words of encouragement as she embarks on this new fight. Best wishes for an uneventful and short path to recovery, Tracy!  Cancer Sucks!


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