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A Not So Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

July 13th, 2010 by Kristen Cincotta

Catching up on the 3 Day blogosphere from the past week, up until last Friday.  A relatively short list this week!

First up, Natalie from the blog Pounding the Ground talks a bit about her anxiety regarding fundraising in this post, sentiments that I think all 3 Day walkers can relate to.  Natalie is also thrilled to announce that she is no longer walking for someone battling breast cancer – she’s walking for a survivor

Tammy from the Atlanta 3 Day team Pink for Life is thrilled to share this newspaper article about their team’s awesome Shop for the Cure event that was held this past weekend. 

Multi-city walker Jay Furr and his wife Carole are currently on vacation in France.  In the lead up to their trip, they spent a lot of time learning about the battles that took place there during World War II, including the invasion of Normandy.  Of course, they couldn’t help drawing some parallels to the 3 Day.  You can read Jay’s thoughts about “calculated risk” in terms of the 3 Day here and you can read about how Carole came to understand the true meaning of why we walk here.  

On a lighter note, Jenny of the blog The Big Walk is still training while on vacation in Oklahoma and experienced yet another run in with the local fauna.  Find which critters are terrorizing her this week in this post

Leanne of the blog Leanne… the Walker celebrated her first wedding anniversary this past week!  As part of their celebration, her husband gave her a plethora of goodies just for the 3 Day.  Check out what she received here.  Leanne is also looking for tips about nutrition during training in order to avoid feeling completely wiped out post work out.  You can read her thoughts and share your own recommendations here.

Lauri of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog shares another of her favorite 3 Day memories in this great post.  Definitely a tear jerker!  

Christine of the blog Saving Second Base gives herself a well deserved congratulatory pat on the back for her training accomplishments, including completing her first 10 mile walk in this post

In case you missed it, my friend Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin’ blog was named the Energizer Keep Going Blogger for Arizona!  She shares her thoughts on this great achievement here.  

Cat’s fellow Keep Going Blogger, Caitlin of the blog The Komen Experience compares the discomfort of training in the heat to the far more challenging experience of battling cancer like her friend Karin in this post.  Given those choices, I, like Caitlin, will choose to face the heat every time.

Finally, Dallas Keep Going Blogger John of the 60 Miles blog officially declared last week as “Men of the 3 Day” week.  As a part of his personal tribute, he featured three new “3 Day Moments” from three men, all of whom are longtime veterans of the 3 Day.  You find all of their videos here.  John also kicked off his campaign to have all of the men of the 3 Day to be named “Sexiest Men Alive” by People magazine.  Find out how you can help in his effort here.

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    oh I made your blog again :) I am so thrilled! Thanks so much for the mention.

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