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May 2nd, 2010 by Kristen Cincotta

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive and still walking!  These last couple weeks have been particularly intense for me professionally and I just haven’t had the time to write as much as I had hoped to on this blog.  That said, I will definitely be getting out my overdue blog round up and weekly recap tomorrow morning.  Beyond that, I have something like 17 other posts planned for next week between Kristen Walks and the Relentless Optimism team blog.  I probably won’t get to all of those posts, but even if I don’t, things will definitely be kicking up a notch here on my blogs going forward.

I was stunned this week when my Virtual Personal Trainer landed in my inbox and reminded me that there are only 12 weeks left until the Boston 3 Day kicks off.  Just 12 weeks!  I’m so used to the Atlanta 3 Day schedule, so this Boston walk has totally snuck up on me.  From here on out, it’s time to really get serious!

Thanks for sticking with me during these quiet two weeks!


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