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Running For More…

The personal blog and website of Kristen Cincotta


Welcome to Running For More, the personal blog and webpage of Kristen Cincotta, a biomedical research advocate and charity runner with a personal passion for raising money to find a cure for breast cancer!

I believe very strongly in the ability of citizen advocates to raise money for the causes they champion and it is my personal belief that the most effective advocates are those that are educated. As a former biomedical scientist and current public health researcher, I think one of my most important responsibilities is to help others understand what we mean when we talk about “doing science” or “studying things”. The money that is raised through events like the Relay for Life or the Race for the Cure directly funds the work of scientists all around the country, work that most of the public either hasn’t heard about or doesn’t understand. In my experience, when people know where their money is going and can better understand the work they are funding, they are more likely to give and give big. In the battle for more funding, education and awareness are our secret weapons.

Demystifying what it means when my fellow advocates and I say “I’m raising money for breast cancer research” is one of the primary goals of my blog, Running For More. In addition, I hope that by blogging about my own efforts to raise money through running in charity races and volunteering for organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, I can encourage others to not just support me in these efforts, but to join me in the fight against cancer as well. Beating this awful disease won’t be easy. But through education and activism, we can do it.

We can improve the diagnostic tools that are used to detect cancer in its infancy. We can develop better, less debilitating cancer treatments. And we can find a cure for cancer. But it will take a lot of us, working together, to make that dream a reality. Whether you get involved with your checkbook or your sneakers, the important thing is that you get involved. Through my blog, I hope to motivate you to do just that – get involved!